Monday, October 26, 2009

The Rules of Raiding

In my previous post I mentioned a reference to the Rules of Raiding. Here I'm posting what I see as the most commonly ignored Rules, even in mid-high end raids, in descending order of importance.

-Rules for thine Raide Group-
Thou shallt follow the commandments herein, unless one shall conflict with another before it.
If it shall improveth thine odds of killing the boss, thou shallt do it.
Thou shallt own up to thine epic fail; teabag unto others as you would have them teabag unto you.
Shouldst thou taste defeat, identify the cause, maketh all aware, and ensure that it may not occur again.
Shouldst the cause of thine defeat be incorrigable, thou shallt not waste thine raide's time and gold on a wipe night.
Shall it not help thine raide group, thou shallt not discuss it upon the sacred Ventrilo.
If it can be spoken to full effect in thine raide chat, officer chat, a class or spec channel, therein shall it be spoken.
Know which of thine loot is an upgrade, or be able to decide correctly at the drop of a hat.
Shall you stand victorious and it's a loot chest, thou shallt link every item inside as soon as possible.
Shall you stand victorious and it's a loot chest, thou shallt get the hell off the chest.

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