Saturday, February 11, 2012

Guardian Spirit Nerf

The all-knowing Google informs me that 50% of the people finding their way to my blog were searching for "guardian spirit nerf". I find this strange, because I couldn't find my own blog while searching for that... but whatever. I figure I should give the people what they want.

Now, I don't know how recently this change was applied, but I found out myself a few weeks ago when we were attempting Madness of Deathwing with a low-DPS group that Guardian Spirit doesn't quite do what the tooltip states. Originally, we had planned to single-tank the fight, using Guardian Spirit to soak the second Impale on the tank. ...and he kept inexplicably dying. Not every time, mind you, we would have known what was going on if that had been the case; just every once in a while. Most times, he'd take the hit, and not even fall below 100% HP. Other times, he'd insta-gib. Why?

According to these patch notes, Guardian Spirit was nerfed to only absorb up to a maximum of 200% of the target's max HP when it prevents a killing blow. If it would need to soak more damage than that, it prevents none instead (but still gets removed and triggers the heal).

So, long story short, no using Guardian Spirit to cheese the Impales; you'll need other cooldowns too.

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