Sunday, May 27, 2012

New Layout

A typical reader.
Hey, everyone. New layout for the blog. I tried to keep it as similar to the old layout as I could. As you may notice, however, I failed to make it visually indistinguishable. From my experience with changes to Gmail, Youtube, etc., I know that this will be universally hated. Oh well. There were many minor things I wanted to change, and using Blogger's built-in system was simpler than learning HTML.

New Features
  • Slightly grayer text background, 98% less likely to drive readers insane.
  • Slightly wider main column, the first paragraphs in my posts are now golden rectangles.
  • Added popular posts box on the right. 55% of you were coming here for the DPS guides anyway.
Collateral Damage
  • Blog title now ugly(er).
  • I will be widely hated by returning readers for the near future.
  • That Blogger bar at the top now is now gray, down from blue.

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