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Siege of Orgrimmar Fight-Specific Tips (Part 2/4)

Welcome to the second wing. Here's where Blizzard starts to turn up the heat. These fights aren't strategically complex, (except maybe H Shamans,) but they do demand a decent level of raid awareness and output.


Actually, scratch what I just said. Blizzard just nerfed this fight to hell on normal. The fight consists of waves of trash, capturing a couple of cannon towers, and fighting a fire-breathing dragon. With all the nice utility priests have, we're well-suited to healing the cannon towers.

Atonement: use it.

On normal, the healing is trivial until the final phase, so use your atonement spells to help the DPS crush the adds. You'll switch to "real" healing when the main boss comes down from the sky.

Mass Dispel the Thunderclap.

The boss of the first cannon tower slows everyone, then casts 3 cones of knockback. If you mass dispel the slow right as he's starting the shockwaves, it makes dodging them much easier for everyone.

Lifegrip the tank to the tower.

To get a faster start on the towers, you can lifegrip your tank up when it's time to start. Make sure he's ready first though. You'll want to coordinate this in advance. This does mean you won't have lifegrip to handle someone getting hit by Shockwave though.

Play Levitate chicken.

You can jump off the towers and levitate just before the ground for a much faster descent.

Divine Star is king here.

You need heavy sustained healing in the final phase, the standard strategy has everyone stacked up... what's not to like? It also does well at healing the NPCs in case you're after The Immortal Vanguard.

Prayer of Mending bounces in the final phase.

Frequent raid-wide AoE blasts and DoTs up on every time mean it'll go to full use almost immediately.


Figure 1: Trivializing H Galakras.
This fight has two major differences on heroic: shit hurts (a lot) and the friendly NPCs that open the tower doors will be attacked by 1 extra add every time a trash wave spawns. Because all the shit hurts, the fight becomes a race to disable the first tower so you can shoot down the drakes that will be wrecking your raid with Drakefire. Priests are actually ideal for this.

While the add which attacks the demolitionists will fixate on them, they can still be tanked by rooting them away from the NPCs and standing in their melee range. This will prevent them from chain-stunning (they only do it to NPCs) and save you a ton of healing, as they hit much lighter on players than on NPCs. See figure 1 for details. Just remember to have a player in its melee range at all times, otherwise it oneshots the Void Tendrils and starts stunning the NPCs again.

In order to speed up the tower clear, we pulled the first 3 NPCs inside it as soon as the door opened, which was very early, thanks to the above tactic. We had enough time to kill them all and get back out before the first demolisher. As soon as the demolisher went down, the tower team all ran to the top and quickly took out the drakes.

Once you've gotten your raid past the first tower, you're pretty much in the clear. Work to conserve mana, and consider reforging up 1-2k spirit from whatever you're normally comfortable with. The final phase will be positively brutal. When we got there, I wished I had Binding Heal glyphed, but we did oneshot it... albeit with only 3 people alive at the end.

Iron Juggernaut

This fight and the next one are huge clusterf*cks. There's a lot of chaos, but not much strategy to be
had. Just avoid the bad crap, and burn.

Lifegrip and/or speed boost for Crawler Mines.

The tanks won't have much issue making it to them in time if your raid is mostly stacked, but not everyone uses that strategy, and it won't always happen anyway. You can prevent the odd explosion by pulling your tank down from the sky, onto a distant mine, or just give him a speed boost while he's running.

Atonement is good enough.

Phase 1 damage is pretty light, even on heroic. Atonement will help speed up the fight.

Heavy healing in phase 2.

Blow all your cooldowns during the phase, stack up Spirit Shell before it starts, and hope lasers and tar don't meet. Don't worry about mana, you'll have all of phase 1 to regen again.


Borer Drills, Laser Burn and all of phase 2 really hurt. Atonement is still king in phase 1 due to the tight berserk timer (if you're 4-healing) and the random single-target nature of the incoming damage. Phase 2, on the other hand, hurts like hell. Your raid will need ~1M HPS for an entire minute to survive. DPS and tanks can and should contribute to this by using defensive cooldowns, healthstones, and casting heals if their spec has any. I recommend speccing Halo (because neither of the other two preforms well) and glyphing Binding Heal, because it has higher HPS than Prayer of Healing. The incoming damage is brutally high at all times, but the raid particularly needs to be topped before each Shock Pulse and topped again immediately after so Cutter Laser doesn't oneshot the person it starts on.

Kor'kron Dark Shamans

Blizzard really dropped the ball here. Why are they not Shamen? C'mon. It's as amazing as alementals. Anyway, the fight is a clusterf*ck. Just dodge crap, heal and try to control the chaos (protip: you can't.)

Atonement and Cascade for heal range.

The fight is a bit chaotic. You'll find heal range to be a real pain in the ass, and sometimes, even DPS range. Glyph Holy Fire and abuse your new 80-yard Atonement heals. Cascade is king here for the same reasons.

Healing becomes harder as the fight wears on.

The lower HP they are, the more abilities the shamans get. Notably, their Heroism and your Twist of Fate turn on at about the same time. I think you know which talent to use.


Can your raid run 3 tanks, 3 healers and zero melee? If not, skip this one until you heavily out-gear it, because it's pretty much mandatory. That's what we're doing, and to that end, we haven't put any serious attempts in yet. Damn melee and no third tank. Rabble rabble rabble.

General Nazgrim

This fight is all about add control and managing Nazgrim's rage. Pretend you're a DPS, the healing is
easy and straightforward. The damage you do will also dramatically help the raid keep the adds under control.

Deathbringer Saurfang logic applies.

Much like in ICC, disc absolutely breaks the warrior boss' mechanics. Fully-absorbed hits generate no rage for Nazgrim. Abuse this by spam overshielding the tank during Berserker phase to rob Nazgrim of all his rage gains.

Halo counters War Song.

While you shouldn't get many/any rage casts above 50-ish rage, it will probably happen a couple times per fight anyway. Halo immediately before the cast completes should pretty much neutralize it.

Beware! No Atonement off the boss during Defensive phase.

For the same reasons as the DPS, you can't attack him during Defensive Stance. Pay attention, or you might just earn yourself a War Song.

Purify/Mass Dispel the arcane DoT.

The mage adds cast an AoE DoT. If it gets on multiple people, shoot a Mass Dispel into the crowd. Each DoT dispelled prevents 600k damage.

Dispel the Earth Shield.

The warshamans will blanket themselves and their allies in Earth Shield, healing 45% of the target's HP before the charges run out. You might be the only one with an offensive dispel, make good use of it.


This fight has three major differences. One, to quote my racist guild, "Mexicute," two, Bonecracker and all the other physical damage sources hurt like hell, and three, there's a new type of archer add. I recommend two-healing, as the extra add control (and faster sub-10% burn) will make a huge difference. This does turn the healing from relaxed to taxing, however.

Execute is cast every 15sec or so, and hits the active tank for 1.1-1.5M physical damage after armor. It hits significantly more when they have a few stacks of Sunder Armor, but it can be tanked up to about 7 stacks if you coordinate healer and tank cooldowns. That said, don't do that if you can help it. Make sure tanks are topped before each execute, throw them a shield, and make sure they're blowing cooldowns proportional to their sunder count.

Bonecracker now deals a whopping 2.25M physical damage over its duration, or 2.8M if it was cast during Berserker phase. The two players with it will need continuous moderate healing for 30 seconds. Hand of Protection won't remove it, but it will stop the damage. Have your paladins shoot a hand at any spellcaster that gets it.

The Kor'kron Sniper is added to several add waves. Like the assassins, it fixates someone and auto attacks them. It also fires a 300k cone centered on them. Whoever has it needs to move to point it away from the raid. The assassins and snipers will fuck up whoever they fixate on. I think the assassins have Shadow Dance or something, because they were oneshotting people from the front. Consider making your raid kite the assassin. If not, the person in question absolutely requires both heavy healing and personal cooldowns. Inner Fire (plus Glyph) is mandatory here. Any priest running Inner Will will get destroyed by the physical damage.

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