Monday, November 18, 2013

All-In-One Priest Level 90 Talent Macro

Vaguely symbolic of a macro.
Is anyone else tired of swapping the button on your bars every time you switch your level 90 talent out? Just kidding, of course you are. Courtesy of some priest on some forum somewhere, (sorry, I really don't know who I originally got it from,) I have a macro for you all that will make button swapping a thing of the past.

This macro will cast whichever talent you have specced, and even updates the icon and tooltip (albeit with a short delay). Beware that you must name the macro L90 for that last feature to work. Cascade will also target a player, preferring your focus's target (I focus the boss - so it hits a tank), or your target if the focus target doesn't exist and your target is a player, or yourself otherwise.

For shadow priests, replace the third line with:

This will hit your focus (if you have one), otherwise your target if you have one and it's an enemy, otherwise "the boss". Although I think most shadow priests avoid Cascade.

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